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Business Loan

A business loan is a common term used for unsecured loans advanced by Banks & NBFC's to Professionals and Business entities on the basis of their past credit history, Business Growth and credit worthiness without any collateral.

Business loans can be obtained in a quick time but are available at a higher rate than secured loans. These loans can be utilized for Business Expansion, purchase of Machinery, Working Capital, Bridge Funding, Debt Consolidation and for any other business purpose. These loans are given for a short tenure of minimum 1 year to and maximum up to 5 years.

Types of Business Loans:

    1. Normal Loan– This is the loan that one gets against the repayment capacity of the business and the loan amount is decided basis of his last year profitability.
    2. Turnover Based Loans – This is the loan that one gets for a shorter period for the working capital requirement of business which is determined on the basis of the turnover of Business.
    3. Unsecured Overdrafts – This is an overdraft arrangement for the working capital purpose of the business and is determined on the basis of profitability as well as turnover of business.
    4. Loan against Card Receivable – This is a new digital lending wherein the loan is determined on the basis of the credit card receivable of any business and the EMI's are debited daily / weekly / monthly from the receivable of credit card swapped for Business Sales.

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